Custom Make Your Own Hair Texture on a 13x6 Scalp Top Lace Front Wig

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Better than Silk!

Silk closures and Silk Frontals are too thick and ends up making the unit look unrealistic because of how it “lifts” on top of the head. Also, Silk Frontals only covers 3” of the entire frontal! But with a Scalp Top Lace Front Wig, the Scalp Top is just as thin as the lace making it lay flatter on your head and covers from ear to ear and temple to crown of head. The Scalp Top wig comes with bleached knots as well calling for an overall extremely realistic look.

See our IGTV video for more details!


Our Lace front wigs are our best sellers. 

1. We double knot our premium hair on french lace from ear to ear, and from the forehead to 4.5 inches back, so that you can freely part your hair to your desire. 

2. We use a slightly thicker cap to sew down wefts on the hair. How much density we use on each cap determines by which density you order. The wefts are securely stitched to the elastic netting so that the cap can easily fit onto your head.

3. This style also comes with adjustable straps at the nape of the head so you can be able to loosen or tighten the cap up to a half inch tighter.  

4. This wig also comes with smooth velvet tabs at the nape of the neck, along with combs at the top of the cap, on both sides of the ears, and at the back of the head, to guarantee that the wig won't slip.