We made Black History on MTV

Posted by Deonna Monique on 16th Nov 2019

We made Black History on MTV

The television was just playing in the background as I was updating the bohoexoticstudio.com website. I heard a woman praying on MTV, so I decided to look at the television. A beautiful woman by the name of Candace "Pimp Fried" Rice was praying on a show called Floribama Shore. Candace was cute, funny, and a great representation of the culture. God kept showing me her hair. Mind you, it was not BES Hair. And that needed to change. The rest is history... LITERALLY!

Through prayer, Candace partnered up with Boho Exotic Studio for season 3 of Floribama Shore wearing the 6mm Boho Exotic Curl in 3 different lengths, 18"20"20". The bundles were left virgin, and included no frontal or closure, per Candace' wise decision. 

Candace would be living in a house for months, and unable to see a stylist, so the looks you see every week are styled by Candace, just as it would be for most of us who aren't able to see a stylist every week. 

When Candace premiered on Floribama Shore wearing the 6mm Curl, she officially became the FIRST BLACK FEMALE CAST MATE ON A REALITY TV SHOW TO EVER WEAR KINKY CURLY HAIR ON MTV!!! 

No matter who comes on MTV wearing an afro on a reality TV show, this young woman, Candace Rice, was the FIRST, though the collaboration with Boho Exotic Studio. We are truly humbled, and thank Jesus for this amazing opportunity. Make sure to watch every Thursday night at 8pm CST on MTV (set your DVR)!