For the health and safety of our community, in regard to the public health emergency, we've taken the decision to temporarily move to 3 Day Shipping Schedule. This means we will ship 3 days a week only.

However, you can continue to shop and your order will be shipped in the order it was received.

Here’s how it works:

1.     We'll still be accepting online orders. You can add items to your Shopping Bag and proceed to checkout as usual.

2.     We'll ship your purchase in the order it was received on the next shipping day once the order is finished being handmade. This will cause a delay in our normal shipping schedule. Please check your emails for shipment confirmation and then use your tracking number for daily USPS updates.

3.    As we do not issue refunds, we will handle Non-Shipped Order Cancellations on a Case by Case basis. You can email our Customer Care Team at presales@bohoexoticstudio.com or find us on Live Chat now should you have any questions about your order.


Due to the increased number of orders and for the health and safety of our community, in regard to the public health emergency, we've taken the decision to temporarily move to a 3 Day Shipping Schedule. This means we will ship 3 days a week only. 


Stay tuned for an email update when your order is on its way, no need to email us if you have received a Confirmation Email for your order it will be processed in the order it was received. If you have not received an updated email it means your order has not been processed. If you still have not received an email stating your order has shipped and its outside of the 10-14 business day window please do not hesitate to contact us at presales@bohoexoticstudio.com or find us on Live Chat now. 

Do you have a store location I can go to?

At this time we are 100% based online. Please see your local hairstylist who may be selling BES hair at their salon. And sometimes we add products to Amazon, but we are mainly sold on our website only.

Why is the timeframe 3-7 days to make?

All of our hair we purchase raw and virgin. Once a client orders, then we make the curl pattern. We carry way too many textures to have absolutely everything in stock at all times. That’s over 10,000 different hair options to choose from and keep in stock. So we make the curl and order, when the customer orders. We do have in stock hair, that is updated biweekly. Most hair takes 3 days to 1 week to custom make. 


I forgot to add something to my order, can I change my order?

Your custom made order already takes 3-7 days to make. Changing the order causes more delays, so cannot be done. Please make sure your order is accurate before checking out. Please read your order (2 or 3 times) before checking out, as you cannot change the order once placed without a personalized restock fee per bundle or unit. In stock orders cannot be changed, since we pack and ship the order same day.


My order says “pending” what does that mean?

This means that your payment has been received, and your order is being custom made. Once your order ships the status will say “fulfilled”.

Is 1 bundle enough for a full head?

If you are purchasing a 5oz bundle, yes. If you’re purchasing our normal 3.5oz bundles, then no. Please see our fitting room for more details.


Do the Wigs come with a pre-plucked hairline & bleached knots?

Yes, our full lace wigs and lace front wigs come with a natural looking pre-plucked hairline, and the knots are bleached when you order the scalp top option.


Help! I need to change my shipping address?

You can contact PayPal at 1 (888) 221-1161, and let them know the new shipping address and to have them document that new shipping address in their notes. Once the PayPal notes are made with the new shipping address, contact us back so that we can contact Paypal to verify and then create a new shipping label. 


Can you help me decide which texture I can get?

Sure! Just send us a photo via live chat or email, so we can try to help you decide.


Can I get a refund or exchange on an In Stock item?

No. All in stock orders are as-is and final sale.


I need immediate help with my order, can you help?

Of course we can! All correspondence is handled via live chat or email so that we can keep record of every conversation to better assist you. Click the blue live chat button on the bottom right hand of the screen to speak to us right now!


I just received my hair but need a looser/tighter curl? Can I return this hair for something else?

All custom made items, including all custom made wigs, are custom tailored and made just for you. We do not resell previous customer orders. Our site is 85% all custom made items. Any and all custom made items are not available for exchanges, whether the hair was used or not. If you need help figuring out which curl pattern to get please send us photos to our live chat. All customized items are final sale. You will know if you have a custom made item, because it will say so on your order before you add the item to your shopping cart and will say on your receipt.

Can I go swimming in Chlorine Water with the hair?

Of course you can! By all means, swim in the hair without fear of the hair matting. Just a hair educational moment: did you know that Chlorine is made to kill minerals and bacteria from water? This means that chlorine will also kill all the natural oils and vitamins in your hair also (whether it’s your real hair or extensions). Yes, you can swim in the hair, but we recommend using Ultra Swim before and after swimming to retain moisture that chlorine strips away. This is NOT a requirement, just a suggestion.


Can I Bleach the hair without the curl falling?

Of course you can! Please see our saved Instagram stories to see other customers who have successfully bleached our Kinky curls, and still kept their curl! Yes, you can definitely bleach BES hair. We would suggest going to a stylist that actually specializes in bleaching hair, since we have no refund and exchanges if you mess up your hair experiment. Please remember that bleaching isn’t actually good for any hair, period. And excessive bleaching may loosen your natural hair and our hair extensions by up to 1 centimeter.


I can’t find Braid ins, etc. Where is the construction?

The option for Braid ins (or any construction i.e. bundles, clip ins, etc.) is in the construction tab once you select the length. You would need to choose the texture that you want, then press select to choose the construction that you want.


I know you’re making my order, but I need to cancel it. Can I?

If you feel that you ordered incorrectly, you may cancel your order within 60 minutes of ordering. After which time, your order has already started its luxury handmade process. Even still, once your order has already started, if you still would like your order changed, we ask to please contact us if you would like your order changed, as we may be able to assist you while it’s still being made, though no guarantees once your order has started. But once the order is finished, once your order is packaged, once the order is shipped and/or delivered, we have no exchange policy available as your specific order is custom specifically tailored for you alone and already finished. 

Can BES Hair color the hair Grey?

Making the curl already takes 3-7 days to make. Lifting to Blonde or Grey only adds to that process and it just takes way too long to make. So we don't do it anymore. However, any stylist that knows how to color to blonde or grey can do so on their own. Please see our Instagram stories to see customers and stylists who constantly lift on their own without losing the integrity of the curl pattern.


Can you tell me about your Wholesale?

Wholesale is at normal wholesale price, no markup in the price of the bundles, you get free shipping as well (USA), but there is a $99 wholesale fee per order which is BES’ cut to cover the cost to pay our techs. So you can order 1 bundle or 100 bundles but there is a $99 handling fee at checkout. This eliminates the need for placing orders overseas that carry overcharged banking percentage fees, and high shipping rates with delayed shipping. With our wholesale you pay one low fee that covers shipping and handling.


This isn’t a FAQ but we need to mention it

We’ve noticed that our customers brag about still using the same BES Hair they ordered from years ago. While this is awesome, this also means that we don’t get another repeat customer for at least 8 months. So PLEASE remember to tell a friend about us to support our business. Thanks!